All Access Pass

All Access Pass

We realize that today’s economic struggles place a huge burden on each our residents. In order to provide some relief to your wallets we wanted to find a way to help our residents stretch their dollar even more.

Our solution was an All Access Pass. This pass is for residents and new applicants within the Adams County area. We have contracted with area businesses to provide special pricing for our current and future residents. Although the pass is just for Adams County right now, Biggs Property Management plans to eventually create passes for all counties that we are a part of.

Biggs, Inc’s All Access Pass was designed especially with our residents in mind. In today’s troubling economy, we asked ourselves, “How can we help our residents save money year-round and reduce the financial strain so many families are facing?” This discount card can be used at local businesses such as restaurants, car washes, hair salons, florists, photography studios and so many others. Many new businesses will be added throughout the year.

In order to get your own All Access Pass, you must be an existing resident of an apartment community owned or managed by Biggs, Inc. Your savings from the All Access Pass will continue during the life of your lease. Once your lease expires, so will your All Access Pass. Wait! You can continue to reap the rewards of the All Access Pass simply by renewing your lease.

Not currently a resident? Don’t worry. We are also offering it to anyone who becomes a new resident by signing a lease on any one of our apartment homes. Immediately after signing a lease with Biggs, Inc., you will be given a pass that you can utilize throughout the term of your lease.

It’s free. No hidden cost. No maintenance fee. Just sign a years’ lease and start enjoying the benefits.

All current and future residents of Biggs, Inc.

The Access Pass will be good for the term of your lease. If you choose to sign a new, one-year lease after your first lease is over, you will be given a new card with another years’ worth of savings.

Once you receive your card simply present it to any business listed on the card. These businesses have agreed to honor the special listed on the card for the term of your lease.

This information was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information are made. You are responsible for verifying the information and bear all risk for inaccuracies. Pricing and terms are subject to change.